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Alpine Helicopters continues to evaluate and update our operational procedures to ensure alignment with all Transport Canada and Provincial COVID-19 regulations.

Update on Alpine's response to COVID-19


Alpine Helicopters is subject to regulation by the Province in which we operate, as well as by Transport Canada for all flight operations. As such, even though the Province of Alberta has recently lifted most COVID-19 restrictions within the province, Alpine continues to be subject to certain Transport Canada requirements for civil aviation due to COVID-19, as follows:

  • Masks must be worn by all passengers and crew during the boarding process and at all times while on board the helicopter;
  • Alpine must conduct a health check of every person boarding a helicopter.

In addition, to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests, Alpine continues to follow the protocols and procedures outlined below:

  • Our staff will continue to wear masks at all times while interacting with our guests;
  • Enhanced aircraft cleaning and disinfecting protocols after every flight;
  • Crew barrier screens installed in our aircraft to provide enhanced physical separation between our passengers and the flight deck.

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