Alpine Helicopters has been providing commercial helicopter solutions to the public, industry and government since 1961. From bases strategically located throughout BC and Alberta, our management team will work with you to ensure that you are provided with the aircraft and equipment best suited to your specific needs. 

Our highly skilled aircrew and engineering staff have years of operational experience in all aspects of the helicopter charter business. This expertise allows Alpine to manage operations in a way that affords customers the highest industry standard of helicopter utilization, safety, and customer service. Our experience and capabilities include:


Alpine is the exclusive helicopter provider for mountain rescue work in Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country. Alpine is called upon by various governmental agencies to conduct mountain rescues primarily due to Alpine’s mountain flying expertise, skilled pilots and safety record. Alpine utilizes the Bell 407 helicopter for mountain rescue missions as it is fast, has the ability

Forest Fire Suppression

Alpine Helicopters has extensive experience providing forest fire suppression support services throughout Canada and the western United States. Our pilots are experts in long-line precision placement of fire fighting equipment, rappel operations, fire bombing, water bucketing, heli-torch/aerial ignition machine operations, hover exit, toe-in landings, crew transport and medivac services.


Whether it is a single shot aerial photograph or a full length feature film, Alpine Helicopters has all your solutions. We have extensive experience in all facets of the film business and have worked with a variety of camera mounts and configurations, including

  • Cineflex/ Cineflex Elite
  • Space Cam
  • Wescam
  • Tyler Mounts
Helicopter construction and helicopter power line repair.


  • Tower construction
  • Power pole placement in urban and rural settings
  • Sock line pulling
  • Concrete pours
  • Standard aerial patrols
  • Hands-on inspections
  • Detailed aerial patrols (DAP)
  • Infrared and Corona camera inspections
  • Marker ball replacements
  • Insulator change outs
  • Retro-fits
  • Cross arm replacements
  • Crew movement
  • Line repair
  • Emergency response for natural disasters
  • Vegetation management

Resource support

Alpine Helicopters provides an array of services in support of our resource industries, including Mining, Oil & Gas, and Forestry.

From precision long-line delivery of equipment into remote locations, to crew movements, to infrared scanning and GPS mapping, Alpine has the equipment and crew to support your projects. We offer a full package service from front end work through to heli-portable services.

Contact us at our nearest base to discuss your resource support needs.


Alpine Helicopters is experienced in many types of construction lift operations where it is impracticable or too costly to use a crane.
Our experienced ground crews are well versed in the proper rigging of the loads to provide the most cost effective service.

These services include:

  • HVAC placement and removal
  • Back country lodge construction
  • Foundation concrete pours
  • Ski lift tower construction/placement
  • Cell tower placement
  • Power line tower construction/placement
  • Emergency debris removal
  • Steel beam placement
  • Power pole placement in urban and rural settings
  • Antennae placement
  • Antennae placement
  • Landscaping material transfers
  • Construction material transfers
  • Pier piling placement

Please contact us to discuss specific details of your next construction project.

Back Country Lodge Support

Alpine Helicopters has a long and distinguished history in back country lodge support.  From back country lodge transfers to remote lodge construction through guide training, Alpine has been a leader in this service in both British Columbia and Alberta since 1961.

We currently provide support and heli transfers to more than a dozen back country lodges throughout the Canadian Rockies.

If there is a particular area or back country lodge you are interested in flying you or your guests to please contact us to see how we can get you there.